8 idyllic islands in the United States 

by: Yatriinfo.com

Hawaii: Known for its stunning beaches and volcanic landscapes, Hawaii offers a tropical paradise with islands like Maui and Oahu. 

Key West, Florida: This charming island in the Florida Keys boasts a laid-back atmosphere, historic architecture, and beautiful sunsets. 

Catalina Island, California: Located off the coast of Southern California, Catalina offers crystal-clear waters and outdoor adventures. 

Mackinac Island, Michigan: Known for its horse-drawn carriages and Victorian charm, Mackinac Island is a step back in time. 

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts: This New England island is famous for its upscale communities, picturesque lighthouses, and maritime history. 

San Juan Islands, Washington: A group of islands in the Pacific Northwest, known for orca whale watching and stunning natural beauty. 

Block Island, Rhode Island: This small island is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with hiking trails, beaches, and a relaxed atmosphere. 

Amelia Island, Florida: Located in northeast Florida, it offers beautiful beaches, a historic district, and a relaxed coastal ambiance. 

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