8 New Sites in UNESCO's World Heritage List 

by: Yatriinfo.com

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, known for its stunning marine biodiversity, has been added to UNESCO's World Heritage List. 

The historic city of Quito in Ecuador, with its well-preserved colonial architecture, is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

In France, the Chaine des Puys - Limagne fault tectonic arena has gained recognition for its geological significance. 

The transnational site of the Great Spas of Europe, including locations in Germany, Austria, Czechia, France, and Belgium, has been added to the list. 

The ancient city of Megiddo in Israel, renowned for its archaeological importance, is a new addition to UNESCO's World Heritage List. 

The Hima Cultural Area in Saudi Arabia, celebrating cultural landscapes and rock art, has received UNESCO recognition. 

The historic city of Kaesong in North Korea, known for its well-preserved architecture, is now part of the World Heritage List. 

In India, the Rudyard Kipling's Kim and Jallianwala Bagh site has been added to UNESCO's World Heritage List, commemorating literary and historical significance. 

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