8 Things to Know About Jarrett 'JT' Thomas 

by: Yatriinfo.com

In Season 9, JT is set to shake things up by becoming a "professional thorn in Austen Kroll's side," as revealed by Craig Conover. Brace yourself for the drama! 

JT prepared for his on-screen debut by walking 10 miles a day, shedding 10 pounds of weight. He shared his journey on Instagram, inspiring others to stay active and healthy. 

Born in Virginia, JT now calls Charleston, South Carolina, his home. 

JT is deeply involved in the real estate business and is the founder of The Inns, Charleston, a luxury Airbnb/VRBO rental space. He's not just about business; he's also known as a pro at partying. 

JT has a close-knit family with one brother, Matt Thomas, and four sisters - Nicole, Caroline, Julia, and Natalie Rasmus. 

JT met Craig and Austen shortly after moving to Charleston. He also forged strong bonds with Shep Rose, and their friendship has grown since he moved to the city during the pandemic. 

JT is not just a newcomer on Southern Charm; he's also close to several stars from the spinoff series, Southern Hospitality, including Bradley Carter, Mia Alario, Reagan Hack, and Joe Bradley. 

The Season 9 trailer hinted at JT's infatuation with costar Taylor Ann Green, despite her history with Shep. His "obsession" with Taylor plays a crucial role in the unfolding drama between her and Austen on the show. 

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