Bills Reporter Maddy Glab Apologizes for Comments on Stefon Diggs Caught on Mic 


Maddy Glab's Apology 

Buffalo Bills reporter Maddy Glab has publicly apologized for comments she made about wide receiver Stefon Diggs during a media availability event. 

Unintended Remarks 

Glab's comments about Diggs were picked up on a hot mic, and she was unaware of being recorded at the time. 

Respect for Stefon Diggs 

In her statement, Glab emphasized her respect for Stefon Diggs, describing him as one of her favorite players to cover, citing his character and respectful treatment of the media. 

Explanation for the Comments 

Glab explained that her comments were prompted by a fellow reporter's joke about her controlling Diggs, which led her to comment on Diggs' independent nature. 

Stefon Diggs' Independence 

Glab praised Diggs for "marching to the beat of his own drum" and highlighted her appreciation for his unique approach to the game. 

Context of the Incident 

The incident occurred shortly after the Buffalo Bills' season-opening loss to the New York Jets, which was overshadowed by other NFL news, including Aaron Rodgers' injury and Zach Wilson's performance. 

Stefon Diggs' Performance 

Despite the loss, Stefon Diggs had an impressive game, recording 10 catches for 102 yards and one touchdown. 


Maddy Glab's apology signifies her acknowledgment of the unintended nature of her comments and her desire to maintain a positive relationship with Stefon Diggs and the Buffalo Bills organization. 

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