Browns Rookie Tackle Takes On T.J. Watt in Monday Night Clash 


Rookie Tackle's Grand Debut 

Dawand Jones, the 6-foot-8, 375-pound rookie, is set to make his first NFL start on Monday night in Pittsburgh. 

Facing a Defensive Titan 

Jones will be tasked with the formidable challenge of blocking T.J. Watt, one of the NFL's most feared edge rushers. 

Critical Matchup 

The outcome of this matchup will play a pivotal role in determining if the Browns can continue their winning momentum after a Week 1 victory. 

Impressive Debut 

Jones impressed in his first appearance, holding his own against Cincinnati's Sam Hubbard after replacing the injured Jack Conklin. 

Studying the Opponent 

To prepare for the showdown, Jones has been meticulously studying T.J. Watt's game, looking for weaknesses and tendencies. 

Physical Disparities 

Jones holds a significant weight and wingspan advantage over Watt, but the Steelers' linebacker boasts a wide array of moves and skills. 

Rookie Resilience 

Despite being a rookie, Jones is determined to rise to the challenge and prove himself against one of the league's best. 

Narrowing the Focus 

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski emphasizes the importance of staying focused on the team's goals and not letting the spotlight overwhelm Jones. 

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