Bachelor Star Clayton Echard's Explosive Paternity Test Drama Unveiled! 


Clayton Echard takes to Instagram to share evidence of his cooperation in the paternity test, emphasizing the importance of truth. 

Echard reveals a screenshot of a $725 paternity test receipt, shedding light on the cost involved in resolving the allegations. 

The former Bachelor participant outlines a clear schedule for the paternity test, with his portion set for September 27 and his alleged ex's for October 2. 

Echard faces a lawsuit from an anonymous woman claiming he fathered her twins following a one-night stand, requesting a paternity test before the twins' arrival. 

Echard adamantly denies having had sexual intercourse with the woman, countering her allegations. 

The court documents reveal text messages where Echard initially doubted the woman's pregnancy but later asked her to confirm, leading to a paternity test request. 

The woman alleges that Echard initially agreed to the test but later refused to proceed after she paid a deposit, adding complexity to the case. 

Both parties are scheduled to appear in court on September 28 for an early resolution conference, further escalating the legal battle. 

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