Colorado 2-Way Star Travis Hunter Injured: Deion Sanders Gives Update 


Injury Strikes Colorado's Travis Hunter 

During a double-overtime victory against Colorado State, Travis Hunter, a standout player for Colorado, sustained an injury in the second half due to an illegal hit. 

Flagged for Unnecessary Roughness 

The injury occurred as a result of an illegal hit that drew a flag for unnecessary roughness, sparking concerns about player safety. 

Hospitalization and Evaluation 

Hunter was promptly taken to the hospital for evaluation during the third quarter, with the extent of his injury initially uncertain. 

Coach Deion Sanders' Statement 

After the game, Coach Deion Sanders provided an update, stating that Hunter would likely be sidelined for several weeks due to the injury. 

Double Threat Player 

Travis Hunter, known for his exceptional abilities as both a cornerback and wide receiver, has been a pivotal player for Colorado. 

Impact on the Team 

Hunter's absence presents a significant challenge for Colorado, with his dual-role contributions akin to losing two players simultaneously, as noted by defensive back Shilo Sanders. 

Game Statistics 

Prior to his injury, Hunter had made an impact on the game with 2 catches for 21 yards and 2 tackles, highlighting his versatility on the field. 

Pac-12 Play Implications 

As Pac-12 play looms on the horizon, the uncertainty surrounding Hunter's return poses a challenge for Colorado as they navigate the competitive conference schedule. 

Travis Hunter Injury Update: Star Colorado Phenom Sidelined 'A Few Weeks' After Brutal Hit