Zach Wilson's Struggles in Jets' Loss to Cowboys: Reason to Panic? 


In a 30-10 loss to the Cowboys, Wilson had a challenging day with three interceptions, a sub-45% completion rate, and a quarterback rating under 40. 

Wilson's teammates rallied around him, emphasizing the need for collective improvement and recognizing his effort. 

Wilson's struggles were partly due to the Cowboys' formidable defense and inadequate protection from his offensive line. 

The Cowboys' Micah Parsons was a force to be reckoned with, sacking Wilson three times and applying consistent pressure. 

Dallas anticipated the Jets' run-heavy approach, loaded the box frequently, and dared them to pass. 

The Jets' rushing attack struggled, and the team faced numerous third-and-long situations. 

Despite the pressure, Wilson managed to keep the game competitive through three quarters. 

The Jets remain optimistic but recognize the need for improvement as they face the Patriots next, where Wilson's performance will be closely scrutinized. 

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