Cosmos Price Prediction: What Turned Atom Price Bullish? 


Cosmos (ATOM) experienced a downtrend but found support at $8.21 in mid-June, leading to a bullish rally. 

The market turned bullish due to news of BlackRock filing for a Bitcoin Spot ETF, impacting ATOM's price positively. 

Despite rising above $10, ATOM faced resistance at $9.97 and fell below $8.21, with a recent support forming at $6.35. 

After retracing from $7.52, Cosmos currently has support at $6.94 and aims to retest the $7.52 resistance level. 

Cosmos unveiled a roadmap for 2024, focusing on developer experience, go-to-market strategy, technical challenges, user adoption, and modularity, contributing to its bullish sentiment. 

ATOM's technical indicators show potential for further upward movement, with a rise in relative strength index and bullish momentum, but the market carries inherent risks. 

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