Destin's Football Family Achieves 4-0 Start: Unity, Talent, and Thunderous Victories 


Unstoppable 4-0 Start 

Destin Middle School's football team has surged to an impressive 4-0 start, marking a remarkable turnaround for a once 1-8 team. 

E.G. Green's Leadership 

The team is led by E.G. Green, a former state champion, All-American, and NFL player, who brings a wealth of experience and expertise. 

Explosive Offense 

The team showcased its offensive prowess with four touchdowns from star player Will Bruckner and a remarkable 354-yard performance from transfer player Hugh Boudreaux. 

Dominant Defense 

Destin's defense shone brightly, recording five sacks, two interceptions, and a crucial red-zone stop that helped secure a 28-13 lead at halftime. 

Building a Family 

Unlike the disjointed crew of the past, this team has forged a strong sense of camaraderie, building a family-like bond among players and coaches. 

Team Effort 

Players like Bruckner and Boudreaux emphasize the importance of teamwork, crediting their success to the unity and hard work of the entire team. 

Defensive Resurgence 

The defense, once characterized by individual play, has transformed into a cohesive unit that supports each other on the field. 

Bright Future 

With a 4-0 record and a newfound sense of unity, Destin's football team is looking ahead to a promising season with no limits in sight. 

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