DJ Moore Stays Calm Amid Challenges in Bears Opener 


Challenging Catch Controversy 

DJ Moore faced a controversial play during the opener when he failed to secure a catch due to an unexpected encounter with a camera. 

The Unsuccessful Two-Point Conversion 

Moore maintains that he caught the ball, but replays suggested otherwise. The Bears missed the two-point conversion, emphasizing the importance of avoiding injuries. 

A Catch in His Book 

Despite the dispute, Moore firmly believes he made the catch, attributing the drop to the camera collision that momentarily obstructed his view. 

A First-time Camera Collision 

The incident marked Moore's first encounter with hitting a camera during a game, an experience he hopes to avoid in the future. 

Two Catches, Two Targets 

Moore shared his thoughts on his performance, having made only two catches on two targets. He remained unfazed, acknowledging that sometimes coverage shifts in unexpected ways. 

Facing Green Bay's Defense 

Moore discussed the defensive strategy employed by the Green Bay Packers, including tight coverage and safety support, highlighting the challenges faced by receivers. 

Preparing for Tampa Bay 

With insights from past encounters, Moore is well-prepared to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' defense, known for its aggressive blitzing and safety blitzes. 

Staying Natural 

Moore emphasized the importance of maintaining a natural connection with his quarterback, rather than forcing risky 50-50 balls into coverage, to ensure better outcomes. 

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