Government Shutdown Effects: Must-Know Impact


The U.S. government faces a potential shutdown if Congress fails to pass spending bills by the Sept. 30 deadline. 

During a shutdown, essential services like law enforcement continue, but federal workers may face furloughs and financial hardship. 

The last government shutdown occurred in December 2018, lasting 34 days, the longest in modern history. 

Shutdown impacts include furloughed federal employees, closed national parks, and potential airport disruptions. 

Federal safety-net programs like WIC and childcare face challenges if the shutdown persists. 

Disaster relief efforts could slow down due to a low Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) fund. 

Agencies with permanent funding, like Social Security and Medicare, remain operational during a shutdown. 

The IRS continues normal operations, with taxpayers expected to fulfill their tax obligations.

US Government Shutdown Threatens Vital Economic Data!