Houston Texans Announce Three New Captains for 2023 Season 

by: Yatriinfo.com

Historic Rookie Captaincy 

Will Anderson Jr. makes history by becoming one of the few rookies ever voted as captain in the franchise's history. 

Player-Driven Leadership 

Coach DeMeco Ryans emphasizes that captain selection is entirely player-driven, highlighting the importance of recognizing natural leaders within the team. 

Impressive Debut 

Anderson's captaincy comes after an impressive debut game against the Baltimore Ravens, recording six tackles and an NFL-level sack. 

Nelson's Takeaway 

Steven Nelson earned his captaincy by making the Texans' first takeaway of the season, intercepting Lamar Jackson during a crucial moment in the game. 

Woods' Impact 

Robert Woods showcased his importance in the Texans' passing game with six catches for 57 yards, making his presence felt despite the loss. 

Leadership Beyond Seniority 

Coach Ryans emphasizes that leadership isn't solely based on seniority; it's about who can inspire and elevate their teammates' performance. 

Diverse Captaincy Group 

The Texans' new captains represent a mix of experience and fresh talent, bringing a dynamic leadership team to guide the team through the 2023 season. 

Optimism for the Future 

With these new captains leading the way, the Texans are poised for a promising season, fueled by a combination of experience and young talent. 

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