Jerry Jones' Controversial Quote Sparks NFL Diversity Debate 


Jim Trotter's Discrimination Lawsuit 

Former NFL Network reporter Jim Trotter files a racial discrimination lawsuit against the NFL and its network, citing a lack of diversity as the reason for his contract not being renewed. 

Jerry Jones' Alleged Remark 

Trotter's complaint includes an alleged quote from Jones in response to questions about diversity: "If Blacks feel some kind of way, they should buy their own team and hire who they want to hire." 

On-Air Mention of Jerry Jones 

Trotter brought up Jerry Jones during his coverage of Jon Gruden's racist emails scandal in 2021, which led to further tension. 

Supervisors' Instructions 

The lawsuit claims that Trotter was instructed by supervisors to avoid discussing Jerry Jones and his remarks on air, raising questions about the network's stance on addressing diversity issues. 

Contract Renewal Uncertainty 

Despite working for NFL Network for five years, Trotter was informed in November 2022 by VP Sandra Nunez that his contract might not be renewed. 

Jerry Jones' Controversial Past 

In 2013, Jones apologized for racially insensitive remarks, and a 1957 photo shows him near white students blocking black students from entering a school. 

Public Outcry 

Trotter's case has sparked public discussion about racial diversity within the NFL and the role of team owners like Jerry Jones in addressing the issue. 

Awaiting Response 

As of now, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys have not issued an official statement regarding the controversy. 

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