Jets' Dilemma: Aaron Rodgers Injured - What's Next? 


Rodgers' Sudden Injury 

Aaron Rodgers' Achilles injury during the 2023 season opener leaves the Jets in a tight spot after just four plays. 

Impact on the Team 

The injury raises questions about the Jets' prospects for the season, as Rodgers was expected to be a game-changer. 

Coach's Concern 

Coach Robert Saleh's post-game comments indicate the seriousness of the injury, suggesting it could potentially be career-threatening for the veteran quarterback. 

Backup Quarterback 

Zach Wilson steps in as the backup quarterback, but his performance raises concerns about his readiness to lead the team. 

Defensive Heroics 

The Jets' defense, with standout performances, manages to keep them competitive in the game. 

Support for Wilson 

Teammates express confidence in Zach Wilson, but doubts linger about his ability to win games in the upcoming tough schedule. 

Exploring Options 

With a potentially long-term absence for Rodgers, the Jets consider their options, including free agents and potential trades. 

Win-Now Window 

The Jets are in a win-now phase, but their limited salary cap and conditional draft picks complicate their search for a new quarterback.