JJ McCarthy's Unselfish Leadership Ignites Michigan Football's Success 

by: Yatriinfo.com

Outstanding Season 

Michigan football boasts a 2-0 record and a #2 national ranking, largely thanks to the impressive performance of quarterback JJ McCarthy. 

Quarterback Excellence 

In his second season as a starter, McCarthy has shown remarkable growth, leading all college quarterbacks with a 95.3 QBR and 558 passing yards, along with five touchdowns and zero interceptions in just two games. 

Preserving Health 

McCarthy's commitment to the team's success is evident as he voluntarily leaves games in the third quarter to avoid injuries, prioritizing the team's long-term goals. 

Historic Completion Rate 

McCarthy's 87.3% completion rate is setting records and underlining his precision as a passer. 

Leadership Style 

Coach Jim Harbaugh praises McCarthy's leadership, highlighting his ability to set a positive tone through his infectious energy and encouragement. 

Team-First Mentality 

McCarthy's leadership is characterized by his unselfish nature, always putting the team's interests above his own. 

Raising Teammates 

Harbaugh emphasizes McCarthy's unique quality of lifting his teammates up, embodying the philosophy of teamwork that is central to Michigan football. 

The Team Comes First 

McCarthy fully embodies the Michigan mantra, "The team, the team, the team," demonstrating his deep commitment to the collective success of the Wolverines. 

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