NFL Journalist Alleges Discrimination: Lawsuit Challenges League's Commitment to Diversity 


Discrimination Lawsuit 

Former NFL Media journalist Jim Trotter files a discrimination and retaliation lawsuit against the NFL. 

Longstanding Institutional Discrimination 

Trotter accuses the league of refusing to address ongoing institutional discrimination issues. 

Non-Renewal of Contract 

Trotter claims his contract was not renewed because he raised concerns about equity and racial injustice. 

Racially Insensitive Comments 

Trotter cites Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula for making racially insensitive comments. 

Allegations to League Executives 

Trotter says his concerns regarding comments and lack of diversity among NFL Media employees were not addressed by league executives, including NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. 

NFL's Response 

The NFL disputes Trotter's allegations and attributes the non-renewal of his contract to business decisions amid economic challenges and a changing media landscape. 

Pegula's Denial 

Terry Pegula denies the allegations against him and condemns racism, expressing his shock at being linked to such claims. 

Call for Court-Ordered Monitor 

Trotter seeks a court-ordered monitor to investigate and review the NFL's policies and implement changes related to hiring, retention, and advancement of Black employees.