NFL Journalist Sues League Over Discrimination and Racial Statements 


Jim Trotter's Lawsuit 

Veteran sports journalist Jim Trotter has filed a discrimination and retaliation lawsuit against the NFL and the NFL Network. 

Reasons Behind the Lawsuit 

Trotter alleges that he lost his job as an NFL Network reporter after challenging the league's lack of diversity in coaching and management. 

Federal Lawsuit 

The lawsuit was filed in New York and seeks damages and equitable relief to address discriminatory and retaliatory practices within the NFL. 


Jim Trotter is represented by the Wigdor law firm, known for representing former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores in a racial discrimination lawsuit against the NFL. 

Racially Charged Statements 

The lawsuit accuses two NFL owners, Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys) and Terry Pegula (Buffalo Bills), of making racially charged statements in 2020. 

Jerry Jones' Comment 

Jim Trotter reported that Jerry Jones responded to his question about the lack of Black decision makers in NFL teams by suggesting that Black individuals should buy their own teams. 

Terry Pegula's Alleged Comment 

Trotter's complaint mentions an NFL Media reporter's claim that Pegula made a derogatory comment about Black players and suggested they should go back to Africa. 

NFL's Response 

The NFL disputes Trotter's specific allegations but acknowledges his concerns, stating that his departure was part of broader business decisions. The league emphasizes its commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

NFL Journalist Alleges Discrimination: Lawsuit Challenges League's Commitment to Diversity