Notre Dame's 'Tight End University' Thrives Despite Absence of Star Players 


'Tight End University' Legacy 

Notre Dame's reputation for producing NFL-ready tight ends continues, even without a standout star this year. 

Offensive Coordinator's Impact 

Offensive coordinator Gerad Parker, who also coaches tight ends, plays a pivotal role in shaping the team's identity. 

Increased Attention 

With Parker overseeing the tight ends, the spotlight is on this position group, attracting more attention within the team. 

Diverse Receiving Corps 

In the season opener, nine different players caught passes, showcasing the team's versatility in offensive playmaking. 

Tight Ends in Critical Moments 

Quarterback Sam Hartman turned to the tight ends during a crucial two-minute drill, highlighting their reliability. 

Emerging Star: Holden Staes 

Sophomore Holden Staes had a breakout game against NC State, amassing over 100 yards and two touchdowns. 

Coach Freeman's Encouragement 

Head coach Marcus Freeman praises Staes and encourages him to continue his impressive performance. 

Depth in the Tight End Room 

Staes, Mitchell Evans, and Davis Sherwood have made significant contributions, and the return of Eli Raridon from injury promises to deepen the talent pool. 

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