Shakira and Pique’s Relationship: Love to Heartbreak


Shakira and Gerard Piqué's relationship transcended celebrity status, grounded in genuine love and shared interests. 

Their love story started during the 2010 World Cup, where Shakira sang the official song, "Waka Waka," featuring Piqué in the music video. 

They made their red carpet debut at the FIFA Ballon D'Or Awards in 2012, marking their public acknowledgment of their relationship. 

The couple welcomed two sons, Milan in 2013 and Sasha in 2015, further solidifying their bond. 

Rumors of jealousy and territorial behavior were addressed, emphasizing their strong mutual trust. 

In 2017, the couple faced breakup speculations, which proved to be unfounded. 

The relationship came to an end in June 2022, followed by a heartbreaking period for Shakira and their children. 

In 2023, Shakira opens up about her belief in 'till death do us part' and her hopes for a love story like her parents'. 

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