T.J. Hockenson Week 2 Preview: Vikings' Star TE Faces Eagles' Defense 

by: Yatriinfo.com

Matchup Analysis 

T.J. Hockenson faces the Philadelphia Eagles' pass defense, ranked fourth-worst in the league, in Week 2 on Thursday night. 

Hockenson's 2022 Stats 

Last year, Hockenson recorded impressive stats with 86 catches, 914 yards, and six touchdowns, averaging 53.8 yards per game on 129 targets. 

Betting Odds 

Explore the latest odds and consider placing bets on Hockenson and the Minnesota Vikings with BetMGM Sportsbook. 

Hockenson vs. Eagles 

Check out Hockenson's performance against the Eagles since 2021, highlighting his receptions per game and touchdown stats. 

Eagles' Defensive Vulnerabilities 

Discover how the Eagles' defense allowed over 100 receiving yards to four players and 20 touchdowns to opponents last season. 

Eagles' Strong Pass Defense 

Despite their weaknesses, the Eagles were the best pass defense in the NFL last year, allowing only 179.8 passing yards per game. 

Receiving Props 

Delve into the receiving prop bets for Hockenson, including the over/under on receiving yards for this matchup. 

Hockenson's Performance Trends 

Gain insights into Hockenson's performance trends, such as when he exceeded receiving yard prop bets and his yards per target. 

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