Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime Shatters Streaming Records 


Streaming Milestone 

Thursday Night Football's 2023 season opener achieved its highest-ever viewership on Amazon Prime Video, drawing 15.05 million viewers. 

Year-On-Year Growth 

The audience surpassed last year's opener by 15.5%, with a remarkable 2 million viewer increase. 

Cross-Platform Success 

Across all platforms, including Twitch and NFL digital properties, the game averaged an impressive 16.6 million viewers, showcasing the power of digital streaming. 

Amazon's Impact 

Amazon's exclusive coverage of Thursday Night Football proved successful, significantly outperforming the previous season's ratings on traditional networks. 

Advertising Reach 

Despite Amazon's higher internal figures, ad revenues are determined based on Nielsen ratings, making this milestone crucial for advertisers. 

First-Party Data 

Nielsen's integration of first-party streaming data is part of its efforts to adapt to changing viewing habits, offering a more accurate representation of viewership. 

Delayed Implementation 

The integration of first-party data faced delays due to concerns from NFL broadcasters and regulatory hurdles, but it has now proven its worth. 

Custom Integrated Live Streaming Report 

Nielsen's innovative approach combined its panel-based measurement with Amazon's first-party viewing signal, further enhancing accuracy in tracking streaming viewership. 

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