Jared Goff's Remarkable NFL Record Streak: Surpasses Tom Brady, Eyes Aaron Rodgers 

by: Yatriinfo.com

Goff's Interception-Free Streak 

Jared Goff extended his remarkable interception-free streak in Week 1, making it through the game against the Chiefs without throwing a pick. 

Historic Pass Attempts 

Goff closed out the 2022 season with 324 consecutive pass attempts without an interception, and with the Chiefs game, he's now at 359 straight passes, ranking third in NFL history. 

Surpassing Tom Brady 

Goff's streak surpassed Tom Brady's previously held third-longest streak of 358 pass attempts without an interception. 

Chasing Aaron Rodgers 

Goff is closing in on Aaron Rodgers' all-time NFL record of 402 pass attempts without an interception, a feat achieved during the 2018 season. 

Upcoming Seahawks Challenge 

Goff has a chance to break the record as early as the next game against the Seahawks by throwing 44 passes without an interception. 

Goff's Perspective 

The quarterback remains modest about his record-breaking journey, acknowledging the role of skill, luck, and ball bounces in maintaining his streak. 

Potential Second Place 

Even if Goff doesn't surpass Rodgers, he can still aim for the second spot on the all-time list with just 41 consecutive interception-free passes. 

Future Opportunities 

Goff's impressive streak may continue in the upcoming game against the Falcons in Week 3, offering another shot at making history. 

Goff's Bold Play 

Despite the streak, Goff is not playing it safe but continues to make challenging throws, adding to the intrigue of his accomplishment. 

Historical Achievement 

While Goff may not achieve the same career accolades as Brady and Rodgers, surpassing them both in the NFL record books is a significant achievement for the former No. 1 overall pick. 

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