Travis Kelce's Shocking Choice in Taylor Swift Game Will Leave You Speechless! 


Travis Kelce's 2016 interview takes an unexpected turn as he plays the game "Kiss, Marry, Kill" with top female celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry. 

Kelce initially hesitates to make choices but eventually selects Ariana Grande for a kiss, Taylor Swift for marriage, and Katy Perry for the hypothetical kill. 

Reports suggest that Kelce and Taylor Swift may have crossed paths after he attended her concert, sparking speculation about their connection. 

During "The Pat McAfee" podcast, Kelce hints at his interaction with Swift and suggests a reciprocal visit to Arrowhead Stadium, adding a playful twist to the speculation. 

Kelce reflects on the widespread attention their rumored connection has received, likening it to a game of telephone and revealing he's unfazed by the buzz. 

Kelce playfully mentions that he's thrown the ball in Swift's court, leaving the next move up to the pop sensation herself. 

Despite Kelce's choice to "marry" Perry in the game, Swift and Perry have since reconciled their differences and even appeared together in a music video. 

Swift explains that she and Perry have been on good terms for a while, ensuring their friendship was solid before going public, putting any potential tension to rest. 

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